Friday, October 22, 2010

Politicians, phfft

Here's a quick thought.

I am irritated with Michael Ignatieff, as I would assume many women are.  Irritated is actually an understatement.

Here is a politician trying to capitalize on the publics' outrage with the Russell Williams trial.  He had the audacity to say: "I don't quite know what it's like to look at that news through a woman's eyes, but I can sort of imagine how difficult that week has been,"  Then in the next breath: "The thing that's so awful about this week is the breaking of that basic trust that we have to have between men and women in order to raise families, live with each other, work together as citizens. And a very bad man did that a lot of harm this week."

Seriously Ignatieff, Seriously ??   The arrogance of this man assuming he knows what women are feeling or thinking with regard to this trial.  

When I heard his comments on the radio this morning the first thought I had was, "ya right, that isn't even close you moron.  You think women actually had trust in every man at all ???"  his statement has been knocking around my head all day and I had to comment.

As the mother of 3 girls and 1 boy, I have imparted some motherly wisdom upon them.  I teach my girls to be politely cautious when dealing with the opposite sex, all members of the opposite sex, period !  I teach my son about personal boundaries, not to touch others and that his girl-friends need a special respect from him.

Ignatieff has no idea what this woman is thinking at all.  He is so out of touch with this Canadian woman that he will NeVeR get my vote.  I can only assume that all his time outside our great country has affected his perspective or that this is his masculine side speaking.        

Lastly, I know that Russell Williams killed Jessica Lloyd and Marie-France Comeau.  Does he know their names ?                        

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